Let’s Build
A Sustainable
World Together

I believe entrepreneurs can become inspiring leaders and change our world for the better by building sustainable businesses, remarkable brands and by living fulfilling lives.
My mission is to teach them how.


Imagine a world built on sustainability, prosperity and solidarity.
A world in which moral values would reason over profits and obscure interests.

It would be a world in which wars could no longer exist, in which people, by finding meaning, would live a fulfilling long life without the fear of tomorrow.

This world is in our reach and it’s up to our generations to shake things up and turn it into the future of our children.


Numerous future-improving solutions have been considered but the evolutionary shift would have to grow from inside the business world.

Businesses, regardless of size and niche, have the capabilities and the responsibility to make this transition. After all, they have proven before how the world can change through innovation and entrepreneurial courage, but also how, in the name of profit, they can turn our eco‑system, society and health upside-down.

At the same time we’re not allowed to forget, it is the present business world that generates wealth, pushes innovation and creates jobs. It’s where today’s leaders are forged. And for all the above this is where change has to arise.


This needed change is not even as radical as it sounds. It doesn’t involve chaining ourselves to trees in order to fight climate change, nor is it a fight against profit, or some type of power‑flower‑socialism. Quite the contrary!

It is merely a course correction in our evolution, one designed to bring ALL values in balance. A shift that will not demote profit, but have it share it’s rank with the principles of sustainability and humane solidarity.

I made it my life’s mission to push this change and I need you to contribute. After all, I’m sure you also would like a prosperous, safe future for you and your children.