We are going to feel the pain of discipline by doing the right things now,
or we are going to feel the pain of regret later, when it might be too late.

It’s a choice.

Ever wished you could become a high performance human being and build a thriving business while saving the world, at the same time?

Sure you did, but how are you going to accomplish that?

If you develop into a high performance human, become a leader and grow a thriving business, you will be able to sustain your family, friends, community and therefore the whole world.

I’m going to teach you how to enhance your abilities, and how to grow a profitable, sustainable business so that you can generate prosperity in the long run.

And consider the opposite: if you are depressed, unhealthy and unable to generate wealth how are you going to take care of your family or be a valuable member of our society?

How will your life matter?

Let’s be clear, I don’t collect money for ecology projects nor am I some odd form of charity. I run a business and I’m here to teach you how to efficiently run one too. I’m showing you ways to add value to the marketplace and therefore to all of us.

If you ever wished you could do more for our world and didn’t find the time, resources or the right idea to do so, you will find here a fine selection of opportunities to contribute by developing into your best version, generate wealth, or simply by sharing information with like‑minded people.

I’m sure you will find something worth pursuing or implementing in your life.

I see you as a leader of a prosperous business. I see you grow a remarkable brand and live a long fulfilling life.

And that’s the only sustainable way to create a better future for our children.

It’s your choice, so act now!

9 ways to become a better human being
and generate prosperity in a sustainable way:

1. Never stop learning (free).
Read the free blog at: formybrand.com to learn about health, personal development and business strategy up to design and growth mindset.
And if you want to save a few clicks, check the box in the form below to get those insights right to your Inbox (guaranteed BS free and 100% safe).

2.Be part of the “Able 2 Sustain” community (free).
The smallest contributions can have the biggest impact. Communities have that kind of power. By becoming a member of our sustainability-focused community, you can find like-minded people, grow your network and stay informed on all things sustainability. It’s free, easy on your time, and allows you to participate at your own pace.
Check the form below to receive an invitation to our private Facebook community and monthly updates on related topics. Guaranteed BS free, hand-picked members and 100% safe.

3.Share (free)… because sharing is carrying.
If you know other people interested in sustainability, self-development and good business, they deserve to know about our project. They deserve to grow and be valuable members of our society. Besides that, it is scientifically proven that you tend to achieve the average level of the people around you so you can grow just by helping them.
Spread the word by following & sharing on: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook; share Blog articles.

4.Ask Me Anything (free)
I will help you directly and for free as much as my time allows it.
Publish your questions @bg_anders and tag them with #askbganders on your preferred platform: Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. I will answer publicly so that everyone having the same problem can benefit.

5.Take the free course on “Good practices for successful business”
Here is the thing: half of new business fail during the first five years, of which 30% in the first two years. Most of them had no clue what it takes to start a modern business and what they were getting in to. They started without a clear strategy, ignoring the necessary steps needed to build a brand and to position their business in the marketplace.
This an A to Z five part course covering all the basics. And it’s free. Because if you fail and don’t have the power to rise again, how are you going to generate value?

The course is currently being updated to reflect how the pandemic has changed our business models and marketing approach. Please check the box below and I’ll mail it to you when ready – probably mid September.

6.Start a small business ‘the right way’ and grow your success chances: firmastart.de
This is the place if you need to start quickly, on a low budget, but still have all the necessary assets to grow a brand, have a strategy, know-how, a great website and a modern corporate identity, all covered by a unified designed.
The firmastart.de boutique design studio is focused on starters (and sometimes re-starters) in Germany but open to the whole world as long as new spots are available.

7. “Able 2 Sustain” Group Coaching for Business and Personal Development (€ 119)
If time and budget for one-on-one coaching is not on hand right now, then this is your best chance to unstuck or grow to the next level. Sessions take place every other week via video conference. A private Slack channel for the ongoing group and one for previous ‘students’ round up the learning process and the networking with like-minded people.
This is a limited, small group offer. Check the box below to find out more and to get in the loop for the next round.

8.Visit my Advisory website and hire me to help you transform your endeavor into a
future-proof, sustainable business.
This is for elite entrepreneurs and high achievers who need total support for their project. It is like ‘The Way of the Jedi’ for business people.

I will help you apply the principles of Total Sustainability (4P), to build the ultimate life, a remarkable brand and a prosperous business. It is ‘The Way’ to apply sustainability not only in relation to environment but also to generate sustainable profits, build long-lasting brands, grow leadership skills and boost self development. Using Sustainability as a framework you will also learn how to improve your health and work towards a long and fulfilling life.
By nurturing prosperity, people, planet and personal life – the 4Ps of sustainability – you will be able to become a real influencer, a great leader and will have the resources to impact the development of our future on a high level. Check it out here: andersadvisory.com

9.Private one-on-one Coaching/Mentorship (€ 10,000)
Are you stuck and need my full attention over the next four months?
I will address your specific problems, help you build a new strategy and oversee implementation. This program will provide mentorship, teaching and the necessary accountability to make real progress. It will save you years of struggle, transform your business and help you achieve a high-performance level.
For obvious reasons this is a very limited offer. Please get in touch through the form below and I’ll get back to you with more details and schedule availability.

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